Tonsil Stones, surgery?

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Question by Kylee: Tonsil Stones, surgery?
Wow. I JUST learned about this.

I’ve only had a few tonsil stones in my lifetime, I believe about five or less, depending on what I eat, and they are small. I never have a sore throat either, or anything like that. I’ve always had bad breath, but that is from poor dental care I believe, which is from me growing up and just me being not careful with tooth care.

Usually I see them, or feel it, a bit uncomfortable but I am just able to cough it up, no problem.

Do I need my tonsils out now!?
They to be look like the size of a penny, maybe smaller, and white/yellow. They smell bad. I’ve only had one in a ‘pocket’ when I am easily able to get out or cough out.

I think it happens more if I eat bread…
These are usually soft, roundish, and sometimes I just thought they were noodles.

Best answer:

Answer by Indiana Jones
a tonsillectomy is only recommended if the tonsil stones interfer with your daily life (with the info you gave it sounds like they aren’t interfering much at all with your life) so NO you don’t need your tonsils out.
even if the tonsil stones were affecting your life it would be your decision to get your tonsils out. no dr is going to say you HAVE to get your tonsils out due to tonsil stones.

i just got my tonsils out 8 days ago due to tonsil stones. (i’ve had tonsil stones since i was 12 and i’m now 23. i had bad breath, sore throat every day, feeling like something was stuck in my throat, needed to clear my throat all the time, and i’d get sick more often thatn the average person) so thats why i wanted them out and my ENT agreed to do it.

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